Monday, April 28, 2008

Vendor Spotlight

Christy Montrone-Burns
A Work In Progress

What is it that you create?
Well, that's a tough one because it is always changing--that's why my business name is A Work In Progress. That way I'm not tied to any one thing. But for now I create jewelry, prayer candles, t-shirts and vinyl lettering with propaganda (the good kind), journals, cards, and labyrinths. I like to sew, but I'm not good enough to sell it. I love to make things that are useful--like benches, jewelry displays, etc.

Where did you grow up? Did that influence your creativity?
I grew up on a farm in Granger, Utah--now it's West Valley. I think it influenced my creativity because I could go outside and explore the yard and fields, make a mess, play all on my own and do whatever I wanted. I had a lot of freedom.

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Where do you currently live? Does it influence your creativity?
I live in Draper, but I don't think that inspires me. I never know what will inspire me, but it doesn't take much.
Diversity Bracelets: click to enlarge. 
The beads represent people of all sizes, colors and price ranges (economic status) and putting them all together is what makes them beautiful--just like the world we live in!

What is the weirdest thing you ever created?
A spaghetti cake. A cake that looked like spaghetti. I made it for my dad's birthday. He's Italian and we ate spaghetti about three times a week when I was growing up. I brought it to his birthday dinner--he was cooking spaghetti, of course. I walked in and said "I hope you didn't make dinner, because I brought the pasta." He was standing right in front of me looking at the dish I was holding with his mouth open. Maybe he was shocked that I made dinner when he said he would or that the pasta looked a little funky. It was so funny!

What is the one thing you are most proud of creating?
My girlies. They are amazing kids. They are pretty weird, too--so maybe they fit into that category, too. They get that from Bob's side of the family. JK

Do you have an education or previous job experience that influenced your creativity?
I worked with kids in therapy. We were pretty in learning how to be healthy: singing, dancing, art, pretending, etc. It was fun.

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What has been your best vacation?
A year ago, Bob and I went to Costa Rica without our kids and spent a week doing absolutely nothing and it was great! That may sound like I'm contradicting myself because my kids are so great, but there it is.

What was your best birthday and why?
My 14th birthday was the funnest because I got to invite all my girlfriends up to my parents' cabin for the weekend. We ate my favorite foods and played in the river and had secret pals. It was great.

Name your 5 favorite things about Utah?
The Uintah Mountains
My family is here
The big beautiful sky
My friends from SVUUS
Summer, summer, summer


K&M.SoHappyTogether said...

I love your site! Great blog! If you come up with a button for your blog please let me know and I will add it to my family blog.

Marie said...

Love that Spaghetti Cake. And beautiful Jewelry.

Lori said...

That cake is hilarious! hahahaha!

Neko said...

Get Blog Christy. My friend Nica is participating in this weekends boutique. Very excited!

Jill Provost Burkett said...

Chrysti (I noticed the change!)

It is you!!!

For the past several months I have had the strong sensation to "look you up" on the web. My very first hit and I find this! As I read Granger, Italian, and birthday at the cabin, I couldn't wipe the smile from my face!

Stranger still, I design jewelry as well! It is definitely my therapy!

I would love to catch up when you can....

Jill (of the Provost variety!)

Christy Montrone-Burns said...

Totally weird! Email me!

I don't know how to email you back, or I would!