Monday, April 28, 2008

Vendor Spotlight

 Jaylene Thaller & Cindy Mattinson

What is it that you create?
Cards, magnets, sun catchers, art hangings, holiday items, jewelry, etc. The list is too long, but for the boutique in May, just cards and magnets.)

How long have you been creating?
As long as I can remember

Where did you grow up?
Salt Lake

What is the one thing you are most proud of crating?
I am proud of everything I do!

Do you have an education or previous job experience that influenced your creativity?
Yes some tile work and clay works

What has been your best vacation?
My best vacations are when I am spending time with family and friends, and when I can just relax and enjoy!

What was your best birthday and why?
They just keep getting better and better!

Name your 5 favorite things about Utah:
I love spring and autumn times in Utah.

Boutique at Brentwood photo: click to enlarge

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