Monday, April 28, 2008

Vendor Spotlight

Corrine Alban & Sue Sharp
Unwind Shop
What is it that you create?
We create inspiration at our shop, from hand knit/crochet items to a venue where other artists can display their art on an ongoing basis. We are bringing some of our pieces worked up, but also pieces from the artists we represent to include furnishing and home decor items.

How long have your been creating?
Like many women, we have been creating something or other as long as we can remember!

Where did you grow up? Did that influence your creativity?
We both grew up in Salt Lake City and we were both daughters of school teachers...which probably inspired the need to create. It certainly inspired the need to be resourceful, as we all know what school teachers make!

Where do you currently live? Does it influence your creativity?
We both live in Sandy, and our shop is also in Sandy. I would say our shop is inspiring because we are right next door to 2 marvelously fun stores, Sisters and The Pink Door which are both whimsical and ever changing.

What is the weirdest thing you ever created?
Oh first beanie that ended up a beret!

What is the one thing you are most proud of creating?
My first beaning that ended up a beret! Actually, I am pretty sure creating "Unwind" is our biggest accomplishment and we are SOOOOO proud of it.

Do you have an education or previous job experience that influenced your creativity?
Sue & Corinne worked together in business industry and both felt so compelled to connect people. Even though that inspired creation, it wasn't for a particular type of product or craft. Instead, it was for a venue where people can connect and be creative. This is why Unwind was born. We are yarn, art and CONNECTION!

What has been your best vacation?
For Corinne, probably the Galapagos Islands and spending a summer visiting Ecuador. For Sue, the trip to Disney World will all her kids and grandsons was AMAZING!

What was our best birthday and why?
For Corinne, it was my last one. My hubby called together some of the most important people in my life and had a surprise dinner. I felt so special. Great food and great family and friends is my motto!

Name your 5 favorite things about Utah!
Beautiful scenery, great place to raise a family, wonderful schools, where else can you have deserts, salt water, skiing, camping, and the city all within one hour...and finally, the community. Especially when we all work together!


Marie said...

I love your knitting shop's name, Unwind. I can't wait to see what you have at the Boutique!

stylishmomy said...

I have similar design of clothing used in that chair posted =) just so lovely! would want to check out your shop (I wish Im nearby) My husband is from Ecuador, and glad you enjoyed the place. Thanks for sharing your talent.